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FreestyleXtreme increases its revenue on the web by 8%, and increases the agility of its marketing team by reducing the duration of the execution of campaigns from 2 days to 2 hours.

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Paris, June 21, 2017 – Emarsys, a global specialist in solutions for digital marketing in the cloud, announces that the online distributor of sports articles, FreestyleXtreme has chosen its marketing platform cloud-based artificial intelligence to improve sales and interact more effectively with its customers. Thanks to the solution Emarsys, FreestyleXtreme has been able to accelerate its international growth, in particular by increasing its online revenue by 8% and significantly reducing the duration of its email campaigns, which increased from 2 days to 2 hours. The gain in time and agility has allowed its marketing team to focus on the development of content that is more creative and customized to optimize its campaigns.

FreestyleXtreme has experienced accelerated growth since its inception in 2003. Family business of a few people in a garden shed in its infancy, the book distributor today its products in more than 60 countries around the world. But it is his sense of personal contact with its customers, which has led to its success and explains its international expansion, with a half-million customers in about 60 different markets, communicating in 14 different languages.

To address this customer base, FreestyleXtreme uses the marketing platform cloud-based artificial intelligence Emarsys, whose solutions Automation, Smart Insight, Web Extend, Predict (web and email), and Smart Content.

Emarsys helps FreestyleXtreme to build customer profiles that is individualized based on their preferences and experiences omnicanal past. The feature ‘recommended for you’ Predict Web Emarsys helped increase online revenue by 8%, the software directly contributing to 4.2% of the total sales of the company. The solutions Emarsys also save the time of the marketing team at FreestyleXtreme integrating automatically these customer profiles individualized in canvas in custom campaigns. Using Emarsys Smart Content, two hours is enough to send personalised messages to half a million international customers across 60 markets in 14 languages, enabling teams to focus on the development of content that is more creative to insert into the email, rather than losing valuable time to perform manual tasks.

“At FreestyleXtreme, we love what we do. We are ourselves fans of extreme sports, and we want to be sure that our personality and our expertise are well communicated in all of our interactions with our customers. We are aware that the growth of our sales depends on our ability to help our customers find the best products for the maximum enjoyment of the sport they have chosen,” said Shaun Loughlin, Director-General of FreestyleXtreme. “With the platform Emarsys, we can now customize all of our communications with our customers, e.g. by sending e-mails in their own language, or in assuring us that our home page shows the products that most meet their expectations. And it works. We help not only to more consumers to adopt the sports that we’re passionate about, but we are increasing directly with our sales thanks to the customization on a large scale that Emarsys helped us achieve.”

The platform Emarsys will soon be used to support new expansion projects, including the listing of the company on the japanese markets and eastern Europe. Knowing that the platform will automate the translation of emails and the home page of the site for customers in these new countries, the company can increase its revenues by mobilizing some additional resources.

“The accelerated growth of FreestyleXtreme is easy to understand, because the site has perfectly managed to convey to its customers its passion for action sports,” said Steven Ledgerwood, managing Director of Emarsys in the United Kingdom. “We are thrilled that their team has chosen Emarsys to build communications truly custom, and we will continue to help them, when they will use our artificial intelligence technology to enter new markets. We have designed our platform so that it takes care of all the tedious tasks so that companies such as FreestyleXtreme can concentrate on the development of content and campaigns and creative are perfectly suited to their target consumers.”

About FreestyleXtreme

FreestyleXtreme is a family business, riders, racers and fans of action sports. The sports, the brands and products that appear on are there because we love them. Living our passion is what we have always wanted to, and the growth of our company is something extraordinary, that we never take for granted. We are also passionate about providing a good service than we are our favorite sports. Win our life is not our only goal, we want to be the best in what we do ! For more information, click on this link.

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