France finally creates more jobs, including in the industry

The clouds that are piling up on the factory Ford in Blanquefort (Gironde) and its 900 employees should not hide the improvement in the economic situation in france, including on the job front. This is what emerges from the annual survey of the law firm of analyses Trendeo, to be released on Friday 2 march.

In 2017, France has amounted to $ 93 038 net job creation (that is to say, less deletions of posts). A record since the firm began collecting these data in 2009. This is a near doubling compared to the previous year.

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These figures are to be considered with caution, as they rely on the standby information, and is not in overlap exactly, because of this, the data of the national Institute of statistics and economic studies (Insee). Nevertheless, the trend is clear. According to Trendeo, the job cuts have declined by 35 %, while job creation increased by 8 %. “This is the sign that the recovery becomes really solid analysis David Cousquer, the founder of Trendeo. Since 2013, all the improvement that we observed was the drop in job cuts, but, this time, we also see the creations starting to increase again. “

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