Found the first direct evidence of light particles conflict

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) scientists found the first direct evidence that the very rare process in which two photons – light particles – high energy interactions and changes direction, the result confirms the quantum electro dynamics (QED) is one of the oldest forecast.

“This is a milestone: the first direct evidence of the light interaction of the self with great energy. This phenomenon is impossible in the elekromágnesesség classical theory” – quoted in Dan Toveyt, the University of Sheffield physics of the CERN ATLAS experiment, the coordinator of the organization published on the website of communication.

For decades, proving to be quite elusive direct evidence to find the light-light-scattering for high energy all the way to the significantly improved performance of large hadrontüköztető 2015 until you restart. In the accelerator lead ions collide, they more than ever, 13 teraf you tron (TeV) energy, thus, possible evidence for the light particles colliding.

The ATLAS experiment, scientists more than four billion collisions studied were found 13 light-light-scattering for evidence. This is the result of 4.4 standard standard deviation (sample rate), which allows the ATLAS experiment bejelenthesse the first direct evidence of this phenomenon in high energy – to read the bulletin.

The ATLAS experiment physics as they will continue to do the light particles, the interaction of the study of heavy ions are collided collider with the large hadron collider, which by 2018 are planned. The thus obtained more data will improve the result accuracy and a new window may open újfizika study – communicated to the CERN.

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