Forex – The u.s. dollar remains stable, the unemployment claims at the lowest

© Reuters. – The greenback was stable on Thursday, data on applications for unemployment compensation have shown that the closure of the government still did not have an impact on jobs.

The number of persons who filed a request for unemployment assistance in the U.s. fell to its lowest level in five weeks, despite 27 days of the closure of the government which affects 800 000 federal workers.

The dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a basket of six major currencies, rose 0.11% to 95,77 at 10: 16 ET (15: 16 GMT). The currency remains moderate after the recent comments from officials of the federal Reserve suggesting that interest rate increase is unlikely in the coming months.

The Fed will hold its next meeting in the definition of policies on 29 and 30 January.

The loonie was down against the dollar, with the USD / CAD rose 0.3% to 1,3294, while analysts expect the Bank of Canada will postpone the interest rate hike in April, reported Reuters.

“The Fed is on hold, and the Canada and the United States do not undergo any inflationary pressure significant. There is nothing that would lead the Bank to be more aggressive with rates, and this is what she has reported, ” said Benjamin Reitzes, a strategist in the canadian rate and macro-strategist at BMO.

The yen, usually sought by investors as a safe haven in times of economic stress, was slightly lower against the dollar, with USD / JPY down 0.13% to 108,92.

Meanwhile, the british pound was on the rise after the first british minister, Theresa May, has survived a vote of no confidence against his government. The GBP / USD rose 0.2% to 1,2905.

The euro has plunged, with the EUR / USD down 0.08% to 1,1387.

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