Forex – The euro rose thanks to growth in the euro area

The euro rose thanks to growth in the euro area – The euro is stable on Friday, as the u.s. dollar has declined in a context of war commercial.

Business activity in France and Germany in June was higher than expected, easing fears of a slowdown in the euro area.

The EUR / USD rose 0.57% to 1,1669 to 5h18 EDT (9h18 GMT), while the british pound was higher, with GBP / USD rising 0.52% to 1,3308.

The dollar index, which measures the strength of the dollar against a basket of six major currencies, was down 0.42% to 94,14.

The tensions between the United States and their allies will continue, and India joining China and the european Union in retaliation against the tariffs of the steel and the aluminum. As the biggest buyer of almonds, the India has increased by 20 per cent customs duty on almonds in the us.

During this time, the european Union has imposed tariffs on approximately $ 3.4 billion of u.s. imports Friday, including motorcycles, the orange juice and the cranberry sauce. The rates have fueled tensions, as investors fear a trade war world between the United States and other major countries.

The greenback has also been hampered by a decline in the manufacturing index of the Philadelphia federal Reserve on Thursday. The index fell to its lowest level in a year and a half, raising more concerns about the strength of the u.s. economy.

The dollar is advancing against the yen shelters, with the USD / JPY up 0.15% to 110,14. In times of uncertainty, investors tend to invest in the japanese yen, which is considered an active course during periods of risk aversion.

Elsewhere, the australian dollar was higher, with an increase of 0.76% to 0,7433 for the AUD / USD, while the NZD / USD rose 0.66% to 0,6911. The loonie has increased, with the USD / CAD down 0.29% to 1,3277.

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