Forex: The Dollar remains in the balance following the FOMC Minutes

The u.s. dollar remained virtually unchanged on Thursday morning. The minutes of the meeting of the u.s. federal Reserve on 30 and 31 July, published in the night have attracted quite a bit of attention.

The minutes showed that the authorities have seen the rate reduction by the central bank last month as a measure taken in the context of the trade war with China and low inflation. The Fed chairman Jerome Powell will deliver a speech on Friday. His comments are particularly interesting after the inversion of the u.s. yield curve last week.

Trump said earlier that the central bank should reduce the rate of up to 100 basis points and has said that the Fed was the only downside to the economic situation.

“Doing very well with China and other trade agreements. The only problem we have is Jerome Powell and Fed. It is like a golfer who can’t putt, it doesn’t hit. A strong u.s. growth if it does what it should, STRONG REDUCTION – but don’t count on him!” wrote Trump on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR).

The us dollar index has traded for the last time to 98.208 at 11: 30, up 0.03%.

At the same time, the british pound has slightly declined against the us dollar after the French government stated that it believed that “Brexit” without transaction was the most likely scenario.

According to Reuters, a senior official of the office of the French president, Manuel Macron, has stated that a non-agreement would be likely after the statements of the british Prime minister, Boris Johnson, to demand that the EU removes the backstop irish.

Johnson demanded on Tuesday that the backstop be removed from the divorce agreement. The security agreement is an insurance policy designed to maintain the border, the irish open after the departure of the Uk from the European Union.

The pair USD/JPY has dropped 0.3% to 106,34. The yen has received some demand as a safe haven, while the shares traded mostly in the red today.

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