Forex – dollar declines to a low of a week

© Reuters. The dollar declined to a low of a week – The dollar reached a low of one week against the yen on Tuesday, while trade tensions growing between the United States and China have weighed on the market sentiment.

The USD / JPY was down 0.86% to 109,60 at 03:06 and (07:06 AM GMT), the lowest level since June 11.

The yen has strengthened while the chinese government is responding after the president of the United States Donald Trump has threatened to impose 10% on $ 200 billion of chinese imports.

The movements have exacerbated the concerns that the largest economies in the world could enter in a trade war all-out. The japanese currency is often sought by investors in times of geopolitical tensions and turbulence in the markets.

The uncertainty surrounding the future of free trade agreements north american and the concerns raised by the customs duties imposed by the administration Trump the european trading partners have also drawn the attention of investors.

The euro fell to a low of three weeks against the yen, with EUR / JPY down 1.06% to 127,12.

The euro has declined against the dollar, with a decline of 0.38% to 1,1578 as investors turned to the european Forum of the central banks of the three days in Sintra, Portugal.

The president of the ECB, Mario Draghi and chief economist, Peter Praet, and other stakeholders were scheduled to speak at the forum later in the day.

The pound declined against the dollar, with GBP / USD down 0.32% to 1,3203.

Elsewhere, the canadian and australian dollars have reached their lowest level in a year, because of trade tensions. The AUD / USD has lost 0,77% to trade at 0,7365, while the USD / CAD has climbed 0.32% to 1,3243.

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