For the administration to Trump, ” Beijing is pursuing a policy of economic predatory “

“Loss & profit “. Donald Trump loves nothing so much as to brag in front of the interlocutors in a position of weakness. And it is a chinese president weakened, economically at least, that he will meet at the G20 summit, on November 30, in Argentina. As usual, it is on Twitter that the u.s. president has announced, Thursday, November 1st : “I come to have a great and long conversation with Xi Jinping. We talked about many topics, particularly on the trade. “

While the United States displayed strong growth, the chinese president has admitted to business leaders on Thursday that “the uncertainty [had] increased significantly” for the private sector due to a massive debt and yuan, the lowest for ten years against the dollar. Without mentioning the new customs duties imposed by Washington, which darken its horizon. In the conflict in sino-american, it is not yet in the total war. But, in the absence of agreement at the G20, Mr. Trump’s threat to announce in December the over-taxation of all chinese imports, or us $ 500 billion (440 billion euros), compared with half now.

After this telephone interview, the official chinese media has pointed out, in the pure language of bamboo, the will of Mr Xi to develop a relationship “strong” and “healthy” between the two largest economies in the world. Healthy, really ? It is quickly said, because, at the G20, Mr. Trump will be another topic of frank discussion, directly related to the trade war : the looting of intellectual property, national sport practiced on a large scale by Beijing and a sign of its technological backwardness persistent.

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The administration Trump reiterated that Beijing is pursuing a policy of economic “predatory” and denounces these flights…

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