For more effectiveness, Axa is launching a major reorganization of its operations

Axa announced on Monday a major reorganization of its operations and the appointment of a new executive committee to enhance its effectiveness. The insurer will operate across five geographical areas (France, Europe, Usa, Asia and International) and a unique “corporate center,” simplified, compared to the three levels in place up to now: head office, business lines and regions. The entities cross keys will be managed alongside areas of geography including Axa Investment Managers, strategic activity of assets management, and Axa Corporate Solutions, the entity of the insurance of large risks international.

These two companies report directly to the director-general, Thomas Buberl. In Europe, direct insurance will be attached to the director-general of the country in order to accelerate synergies with traditional activities.

Operational in the first quarter of 2018

This new organization was presented to the employees of the group on 17 October and is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2018. Moreover, in order to drive this new business model, a new management committee was appointed, with two new deputy directors-general : Gérald Harlin, chief financial officer, and George Stansfield, general secretary.

This committee also includes Benedict Claveranne, appointed general manager international and new markets, Mark Pearson, managing director of Axa US and Jacques de Peretti, CEO of Axa France.

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