For Brussels, the social networks must “do more” to comply with its rules

“Social networks must do more to (…) be in compliance with the european rules of consumer protection. “Thursday 15 February, the european Commission has made the point about the requests it had made to Facebook, Twitter, and Google in march 2017. If a part of them have been met, “the changes respond in part to the requests,” said the Commission in a press release.

Among the advances, ” the consumers will not be forced to waive their rights of european consumers, such as their right to withdraw from the contract after an online purchase “. They will also be able to ” complaint in Europe rather than in California, where are located the seats of these companies. These companies are also committed to always clearly identify messages sponsored broadcast on their platforms.

In contrast, other points, there is still the problem. If the answers to Google for its Google+ social network, used very little, have convinced the european authorities, this is not the case of Facebook, the first social network in the world, ” and especially of Twitter “.

Answers ” inadequate.”

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