For ” a european initiative on breakthrough innovation “

Forum. The Internet, GPS, SpaceX, the autonomous vehicle, and many others are disruptive innovations that have allowed the United States to build up their strategic autonomy and to strengthen their economic leadership. The disruptive innovations as opposed to incremental innovation, are fundamentally changing the game in terms of performance and economic model.

They provide businesses a key competitive advantage and ensure to nations a major asset in terms of sovereignty. Among the fields pivotal for the Twenty-first century, artificial intelligence, cyber-security, nano – and biotechnologies, quantum computers, 3D printing, neuroscience, energy storage and electric mobility.

The disruptive innovation must be catalyzed by a decisive commitment of the State. It is necessary to open innovation and short decision-making processes, carried out by an entity a great deal of agility. The risk-taking capacity major is a strong obligation ; and it must be able to quickly stop a project in case of failure. Failure is intrinsic to innovation.

A Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI)

These characteristics are found, either in the United States – which have created in 1957, following the successful launch of Sputnik by the Soviets, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa), an agency of the department of defense specializing in the innovation of rupture – either in China, engaged in a race for supremacy. The continental size of their domestic markets and the measures put in place are the two great accelerators of innovation.

Force is to note that France and Europe face the risk of falling behind : the talents and the wealth of academic are there, but the big innovations of recent decades have been developed outside of Europe. On the top ten market cap today,…

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