First trial of the “Bore-out” : Interparfums sentenced for ” moral harassment “

In march 2014, Frédéric Desnard, 44 years old, is at the wheel of his car when he experienced a seizure, causing an accident. Today, he is confident : “I made a bore-out because of my working conditions. “He has been pursuing his ex-employer to tribunal, in that he would like to be the” first trial of a boron-out in France ” (exhaustion, boredom).

An allegation formally challenged by his former company, which was eventually sentenced on march 16, 2018 for “moral harassment” by the judge départiteur of the council of prud’hommes of Paris. A case is considered in ” tie-break “, when the lay men were not able to decide otherwise. The judge départiteur summons then to the parties and the case is replaidée special audience.

To understand a flashback is needed. Frédéric Desnard worked for the French company Interparfums, which specializes in the design and distribution of fragrances under license, as the head of corporate services. “I was Mr. Solutions, repair of lamp grilled to the oversight of certain contracts or travel expenses “, he explains. In 2010, the largest brand in the portfolio, announced that it will terminate its contract with the company, “which generated tensions and concerns,” says Frédéric Desnard.

“I had a lot less to-do because the assistants of the direction that I informed previously of the missions have started to prefer to do it themselves. Everyone tried to justify the importance of his position. “Frederick Desnard would then be passed to fun-filled days at” between 20 and 40 minutes of work effective date “.

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