FireEye Announces New Deployment Options Cloud and Virtualized to its EndPoint…

The new options provide businesses with greater flexibility of deployment and cost reduction during their migration to the cloud.

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Paris, 14 June 2017 – FireEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: FEYE), the leader of the network security based on the intelligence, announcement of new formats of management for cloud and virtualized for its solution Endpoint Security. Available anywhere in the world at the beginning of the third quarter of 2017, these two new options give businesses and partners a flexibility of additional deployment and cost reduction during their migration to the cloud.

FireEye is the leader and pioneer in the Response to incidents and the Detection of threats on the workstations (Endpoint Detection and Response). The new models of deployment that they are cloud-based and virtualized are part of a set of new features that will be introduced in 2017, without additional cost to the customer – designed to deliver a Platform for Protection of workstations (Endpoint Protection Platform), which simplifies, integrates and automates security. The other new features 2017 will include:
· The finalization of the integration of a motor in additional to the replacement and optimization of anti-virus solutions in place , in the third quarter.
· Protection against ransomwares based on the behavioral analysis.
· The Linux support in addition to the major operating systems macOS and Windows are already supported today
· * * New investment aimed at the simplification of security, fed by decades of research and development of the company in the areas of data analysis of large volume, and artificial intelligence.

“We are asked every day to respond to successful attacks, and what we learn during these interventions helps us to protect our customers while simplifying their security operations,” said Kevin Mandia, CEO of FireEye.

“Our goal for 2017 is to offer our customers the best solution for new generation of protection of the workstation; the addition of our offerings in the cloud and virtualized is an important step towards this goal,” said John Laliberte, SVP of Engineering at FireEye. “These new formats enable our clients and our partners to deliver the best security of the workstation based on the intelligence on a large scale, while reducing costs and improving flexibility of deployment.”

“Companies increasingly recognize the value of investing in security products that are integrated with a capacity of managed services and who have intelligence on the threats,” said Robert Westervelt, director of research at IDC. “The FireEye Endpoint Security figure among the new solutions available on the market that are well positioned in the face of offers antivirus traditional. The flexibility of deployment options of FireEye, combined with an integrated offer of products and services, represents for the companies a proposal extremely attractive for the detection of threats and incident response.”

The best solution EndPoint of new generation for the partners indirect

For partners, the two new formats enable you to deploy the FireEye EndPoint more quickly and more efficiently. They can deploy the solution immediately, without being bound to any hardware, and offer their customers options hosting or virtualized environment. The two formats can help reduce costs and complexity for new deployments, with a guarantee of robustness delivered by a large provider in the industry.

In addition, with FireEye Helix, partners can simplify the operations of the security of their customers by integrating alerts from workstations, network, and third-party equipment within a unified vision of the threats. FireEye Helix can be managed by customers or partners, FireEye providing access to experts in the response to incidents in case of specific needs.

About FireEye :
FireEye is the security specialist network based on the intelligence. Functioning as a seamless extension and extensible security operations client network, FireEye offers a unique platform that combines security technologies with innovative building intelligence on the threats of the government, and the consulting services Mandiant world-renowned. Thanks to this approach, FireEye eliminates the complexity and efforts related to cyber security for organizations having difficulties to anticipate, prevent and respond to cyber attacks. FireEye has over 5600 customers in 67 countries, including over 40% of companies listed in the Forbes Global 2000.

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