FinTech : Finamatic, the 1st marketplace of public and private funding up to 800,000 E

Paris, June 13, 2017 : The French start-up Finamatic has raised funds € 800,000 from investors of renown such as Thierry Petit (Showroom Private), Igor Schlumberger (PrestaShop) or even Jerome Frank, and Olivier de Trogoff, to consolidate its leadership in the identification and simplification of procedures of grant aid. Recruit new talent and strengthen the intuitive nature of its platform will be its priorities.

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Finamatic : the essential tool that facilitates the financing projects
Finamatic is a start-up pioneering that is positioned on using the financing completely online. It helps start-ups, SMES and VSES, to target the aid to which they are dedicated and at all degrees of maturity of the company. Founded in August 2015 by Axel Dreyfus, Benjamin Dresner and Cédric Nicolas, team leader, account today 6 associated with the arrival in 2017 of experts of the FinTech that are Clément Boulais (ex-Leetchi-Mangopay), Pierre-Edouard June and Alexis Dueymes (ex-Leetchi). Already well-identified of the startupers, public bodies and policy makers, who see in it an operational guide to all the funding mechanisms, Finamatic has developed considerably in almost 2 years. To this day, it reference 2 000 financial mechanisms as well as 320 public agencies and private partners. It currently has 500 start-up customers, raising average from 143 000 €, chips from all walks of life : Tiller, Oocar, Leetchi, Thank you Handy, Yellow…

Clément Boulais, associate Finamatic, explains : “Our start-up to human size, has increased its team of more than 50% per month since January 2017 on its poles analysis, listening, and board inherent in the financing. With this funding, we intend to continue our development and become a referent of the FinTech, a technology solution for public utility for all project holders. We give back the power to the entrepreneurs in vulgarisant access to finance, passing on the key strategic and technical devices so that they are sovereign in their steps. 3 000 client companies are referred to on the year 2018, which will contribute to the creation of over 15,000 jobs. A challenge of this scale.”

Finamatic evolves : one more step towards the status of marketplace funding
Very attentive to its users, Finamatic has been able to optimize its product through its two services : a service to “autonomy” which enables you to identify and fill the files & license “accompaniment” with experts dedicated to answer all the questions of the entrepreneurs. The current capabilities include the automation of the identification of existing devices by the SIREN, an onboarding simplified and seizure unified through a meta form, as well as a marketplace of experts to build folders of better quality.

“ Finamatic puts at the reach of entrepreneurs an intuitive tool, experts at listening to, and writing help files, 3 key to finding adequate funding.” continues Thierry Petit, founder of Showroom and Private investor.

Finamatic : vector of simplification of the funding & partner entrepreneurs and regions
Axel Dreyfus, co-founder of Finamatic adds : “We have been working for over a year with the SGMAP, the spearhead of the simplification of administrative procedures, in order to enable an acceleration in the requests for assistance. We want to bring regional economic players to disseminate our innovation within territories, French overseas departments and territories included.

Finamatic is the fruit of our long experience of entrepreneurs looking for funding and advice. Our platform responds to a frustration of entrepreneurs faced with the absence of solutions, or presented to the prohibitive costs. Synthesis of our experiences of entrepreneurs, the platform offers an unparalleled productivity through the simplification of research funding, data centralization, regardless of the device in question, as well as access to experts, all this at a fair price.

Our roadmap is ambitious, starting with a new redesign of the service in the beginning of September, as well as new partnership agreements financial future. “

Presence on VIVATECH:
To be closer to the current needs of its customers and increase synergies with the institutional, Finamatic will be present from 15 to 17 June next at the salon VIVATECH on stand C40.

About Finamatic
Founded in 2015 by Axel Dreyfus, Benjamin Dresner and Cédric Nicolas, Finamatic account today 6 associated with the arrival in 2017 of 3 experts and entrepreneurs in the FinTech that are Clément Boulais, Pierre-Edouard June and Alexis Dueymes. Platform totally innovative and intuitive, she guides the start-ups, SMES and VSES in the identification of financing dedicated to them (annual license premium from 290 €/month). Member of the competitiveness clusters Cap Digital, France Innovation, carried out in June 2017 with a fundraiser of 800 000 € to boost its growth through the recruitment and the technological development of its platform.

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