Fine Google : “The competition, this is not the law of the strongest “

Forum. The fine imposed on Google is economically justified ! By a forum entitled “The fine imposed on Google is politically motivated,” and adorned with the virtues of academic of its author, Francesco Martucci, a professor at the University Panthéon-Assas, the readers of the World as of July 25, could almost commiserate on the fate of the firm of Mountain View, whose market capitalization has jumped by 25.5 %, with a result of about 875 billion dollars, despite the fine of 4.3 billion euros imposed by the european commission on 18 July.

The contempteur a decision that sanctions unfair practices noted since 2011, more than seven years, observed by the statement of an initial complaint filed in 2013, having blocked artificially the emergence of any alternative, in Europe the search engine of Google, goes curiously silent on what a practice constitutes an “abuse” of a dominant position, to argue that Google would not have been sanctioned in order to punish the company to be powerful, against the backdrop of tensions between Europe and the United States.

Of course, the practices condemned are concrete and specific, and it is enough to be convinced that very many manufacturers of mobile devices would have wished to propose the euro engine Qwant to their consumers. Except that to be able to use the Android operating system and in order to operate the terminal (80 % of operating systems used in Europe), it is necessary to grant exclusivity to the use of the Google search engine, which, by such mechanisms of tied selling, and manages to represent more than 90 % market share of search engines in Europe.

Abuse of a dominant position

Tying practiced between the dominant actors in more than 80 or 90 % related between them under the auspices of the same parent company, Alphabet, is actually…

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