Fine Google : “decisions of the commissioner of competition is part of an attempt to the regulation of multinational corporations “

Forum. After Amazon, Starbucks and Apple, it is now the turn of Google to pass under the forks yoke of the european Commission. The latter had inflicted on July 18, a record fine of 4.3 billion euros for abuse of dominant position in the field of mobile internet.

The giant from Cupertino had already been sentenced in 2017 of 2.4 billion euros for abuse of dominant position in the price comparison. It does not need more for the european executive to be suspected of a bias anti-american, especially in full offensive commercial of the president Trump. The european Commission would sink it in a protectionism disguised under the tinsel of the rules of the free market, that competition policy is meant to promote ?

The american companies in the viewfinder

In fact, all the companies mentioned above have been subject to infringement procedures to the european rules in the last four years (2015-2018). These cases have been highly publicized in the media, in the first place by the european commissioner for competition, the formidable Margaret Vestager. Google inherited the heaviest fines.

In the latter case, he is accused in particular, to take advantage of the ubiquity of its operating software Android, which team 80 % of the smartphones, to impose a “tied-selling” other products, including Google search and Google chrome.

Already in 2008, another american giant of computing, Microsoft, was sentenced to more than 800 million euro fine for abuse of the dominant position of the Windows operating system. Shortly after, Intel was a victim in 2009 to a fine of one billion euros for the same pattern, this time in the field of microprocessors.

Google, Microsoft, Intel : the american giants of the computer can legitimately worry about the activism of the european Commission, all the…

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