Financial academy establish the BSE

Budapest Financial Academy (BPA) Ltd. name, huf 80 million with a share capital creates a subsidiary of the Budapest stock exchange (BSE), the education company is expected to come in the autumn you can start the activity of the BSE the board of directors of the stock exchange July 27th, convened an extraordinary general meeting of proposal of.

The board of directors the website of the BSE on Tuesday published the decision according to July 4-I decided on the extraordinary general assembly convocation, which is on the agenda of the subsidiary was founded, with the BSE amendment of the statutes of listed. The economic company concerning the decision of the BSE rules of the general meeting’s exclusive competence.

The board of directors to the general assembly for tabling in the states: education is not a part of the BSE’s basic activities, but the stock exchange management, the international examples you think that the capital market development more effectively be achieved if the financial culture is broad, but primarily professional actors of development is also implemented.

The submission proposes that the BSE is a new company creating strengthen money and capital market training activities of the new subsidiaries to obtain the training required to maintain authority, OKJ and other adult education licences.

However, since education is not closely taken stock of the task, should the activity is outsourced, and the training institutions, the stock market educational goal of wider service circle, in correctly operated and maximum use of the BSE on the institution’s behind – they add.

The extended educational activities dealing with company business plan 2017 last quarter and the next five years and 10 percent capital cost of 172 million huf net current market capital value of the result.

According to the preliminary calculations of the company’s establishment and the start of the operating cash-flow needs of 2017-2018 in huf 80 million, the board of directors therefore proposes the establishment at the time that the amount of the subscribed capital as the company’s disposal. The proposal from the also turns out to be the BPA of the staff of the BSE will office work area to ensure.

The board also proposes the exchange of the statute of additions by the BSE subsidiaries of monitoring the operation of the subsidiaries ‘ management control of such companies, founder / shareholders / members of the competence decisions of the budapest stock exchange the board of directors of the jurisdiction.

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