Facebook tightens control over its acquisitions

The model has finally reached its limits. On the three major acquisitions carried out by Facebook since 2012, no more will soon be led by its founders, after the announcement on Monday, 24 September, of the future starting of the creators of Instagram. Each time, the independence promised at the time of redemption has faced the economic imperatives of the social network, which is experiencing a slowdown in growth and an erosion of its margins.

According to the american press, the abrupt resignation of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger has been precipitated by growing tensions with Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook. The two makers of Instagram, respectively director general and director of the technology, have not provided any explanation. In a message posted on the blog of the company, Mr. Systrom just evoke the desire to ” take leave to explore again our curiosity and our creativity “.

Launched in 2010, Instagram was acquired by Facebook two years later for $ 715 million (608 million euros). Since then, its popularity has exploded. In June, the platform for the exchange of photos and videos has passed the milestone of one billion active users. And advertisers flock. It is expected to generate $ 8 billion in advertising revenue this year, predicts the firm eMarketer. “If this works, this is not because of what Facebook is, but thanks to this Facebook is not “, pointed out in the past year, Mr. Systrom. For a long time, the leaders of Instagram have in fact benefited from a large autonomy, while taking advantage of the technological resources, financial and human, of their parent company. This increased independence had subsequently served as a model during the buyout of WhatsApp, in February 2014, to $ 22 billion, and Oculus, the next month, for two billion.

Relations deteriorated

When Facebook gets hold of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, the founder,…

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