Facebook launches portal Fb.gg dedicated to video games live

The social network Facebook has launched on Thursday 7 June Fb.gg, a portal devoted to the dissemination of video games live. It brings together the videos of the “streamers” that were already using Facebook to broadcast their games live, but who were often lost in the flow of the many people and pages that follow the users of the social network.

Fb.gg – ” gg “means good game, that one can translate by “well played” – so it has the ambition to be a page of input to these streams, a little in the way of Twitch, the platform of reference in the field. On this new portal, Facebook displays the matches live streamers followed by the logged-in user, and highlights a number of other streamers, as well as of the events of e-sports. It also offers the users to search for live games per game.

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