“Facebook is far from our happiness “

Forum. For fourteen years, nothing seems to stop Facebook. Or the case of Cambridge Analytica, neither the governments, nor its competitors. The social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg now has $ 2.2 billion of active users, including 22 million in France. Instagram belongs to Facebook, has just surpassed one billion users.

Figures that give the dizziness, and bear witness to the influence of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg wants to be reassuring and communicates the positive impact of Facebook on the ” well-being of people and society “. An opinion that is not shared by the former vice-president of Facebook, Chamath Palihapitiya, who said in November 2017 to students at Stanford : “we have created loops that trigger reactions in short-term fed to the dopamine, which are destroying the functioning of society. “Because the systems of notification and news feed that are of a nature to create uses addictive.

Who should we believe ? Facebook makes us more happy ? The social science research on this question to provide a qualified response. Yes, Facebook provides satisfaction to these users, by the free provision of a multitude of applications and tools that facilitate the communication between friends, organizing events, community management…

Distorted reflection of the life

An online study conducted by the american scholar Cass Sunstein from users of Facebook shows that they are not ready to leave this social network. The median amount asked by the respondents to dispense with the use of Facebook was $ 59 per month [about 50 euros], the average amount being $ 75 [approximately € 65]. These are high show the attachment – and the value attached to Facebook, even if users know that the counterparty is the collection and monetization of their data…

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