Experts say the peak of the OTP

The Budapest stock exchange share index, the BUX 316,86 accurate, 0,90 percentage increase, 35 615 point closed on Thursday.

The stock market turnover of 15.1 billion forints, the leader shares the Richter, with the exception of the increase in the previous day’s close.

Stefan Krisztián, Raiffeisen Bank, stock trader, the M1 current channel said: the Hungarian stock market in days to excel on Thursday, a positive result. Pointed out that the OTP’s kicked, nearly ten-year-old summit finish the day. The day’s winner was the Mol, which has once again managed 21 000 huf over to go. The Waberer’s shares, which on Thursday started the premium category in the trading – 5125 huf, closed, almost 100 thousand paper changed hands, nearly half a billion forints in circulation – known.

OTP’s shares to the UBS of the earlier 9200 from huf 9500 huf raised target price of the recommendation remains neutral.

The Waberer’s emission price of the last week end subscription, after 5100 huf was established, the árlépésköz 1 huf, the introduction of securities number 17 693 734. The BUX index in the September, following a review in the paper, is expected to be the fifth largest shareholder.

Mol 245 huf, is 1.16 percent 21 305 huf strengthened by 2 billion huf turnover.

OTP share price 130 huf, 1,39 percent 9505, paragraphs, huf has grown to a turnover of 9 billion huf.

Magyar Telekom’s rate of 4 huf, 0,86 percent to 471 huf increased traffic 282,4 million huf.

The Richter papers 6 huf, 0,09% 6844 huf weakened, turnover of 2.3 billion huf.

The BUMIX 2704,84 point closed Thursday, this is 34,84 accurate, 1,30 percent rise on Wednesday’s close relative.

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