Experts said the Fed chairman build momentum for the markets in the stock market

The Budapest stock exchange share index, the BUX 122,89 accurate, 0,34 percent increase, 35 872,46 point closed on Wednesday.

The stock market turnover of 17 billion huf was the leading stocks mixed change in the previous day’s close.

Pleschinger Gyula, MKB Bank, director of the M1 current channel trading: Wednesday quiet day, but Janet Yellen, the Fed president’s words have gained momentum, and is particularly strong increase closed the stock exchanges in the world most of the market.

The German DAX index is about 1.5 percent plus in the finish the trade, and the american stock exchange 0.6 percent plus you can see – he said. Pleschinger Gyula adds the Hungarian stock exchange also performed well, although results are modest, the BUX-index of 0,34 percent rise. The day loser of the Hungarian Telekom, Mol and OTP strengthened, the Richter and stagnated.

Janet Yellen, the u.s. federal reserve in the role of the Federal Reserve (Fed) chairman Wednesday, a further gradual interest rate increases and the massive stock reduction initiation promised to the house of representatives financial committee.

Mol 185 huf, 0,87% 21 485 huf strengthened, 2.3 billion huf turnover.

OTP share price 55 huf, 0,58 percent 9565 huf, new annual peak for increased turnover of 5,4 billion huf.

Magyar Telekom rate of 3 huf, 0,63 percent to 473 huf decreased traffic 365,9 million huf.

The Richter paper price of 2 huf, 0,03 percent 6899 huf fell on turnover of huf 1.6 billion.

The small and medium shares index, BUMIX 2818,62 point closed on Wednesday, this is 28,24 accurate, or 0.99 percent decline on Tuesday’s close relative.

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