Expert says Europe is clearly more essay waiting for Donald trump from

Europe expects the Warsaw resident Donald Trump american president to more clearly formulate, as far as more important issues so far, “fairly controversial” a statement said Magyarics Tamás Us-expert M1 current channel Thursday morning show.

Magyarics, Tamás, these are classified as the NATO, the climate convention, the syrian and the ukraine conflict and Russia’s relationship question, stressing that the u.s. trade deficit due to economic issues “disagreement” more states, including Germany.

He said: it may develop the power, if it becomes regular the american liquefied natural gas transport to Europe, as this may reduce Russia’s 35 percent share of the continent’s energy supply. The central european states the role of the expert was talking about, that these countries “a kind of counterbalance within the meaning of the French-German axis against”, and the area’s appreciation is expected the Brexitet – Britain’s eu exit package – after.

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