Expected weather in the territory of the country Tuesday night

At night, the more extensive, rain, thunderstorms, causing the clouds to the east will march in the northwest may decrease the cloudiness and the precipitation tendency. The middle and eastern areas, however, continue to be up to organized thunderstorm systems, are also calculated. On Tuesday, the west continues to decrease the cloudiness, clouds move aside from the shorter period for the sun, light rain up in the alps at the bottom of may be the course of the afternoon. From the Danube to the east, but many remain in the cloud, from which all day, the longest on the eastern border be showers of rainfall and thunderstorm. Thunderstorms on both days and may be accompanied by stormy winds and hail, downpour. The wind gradually north-west, veering and stronger on Tuesday, mainly in the Transdanubian stormy gusts.

The lowest night temperature of 15 and 20 degrees between likely.

The highest daytime temperatures on Tuesday 21 and 27 degrees expected, the cloudy, rainy lowland landscapes could be the coolest.

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