Expected weather in the territory of the country on Saturday night

Friday during the day more gomolyfelhő east of the Danube, the Danube-Tisza-köz, the trans-tisza region on place, as showers, thunderstorms likely. Tonight, in the southwest, we can expect gomolyfelhő-formation, and the night in the second half of the Transdanubia elsewhere increased the cloudiness, in the east at the same time, out of, or weak cloudy the sky is. On Saturday, though in most places for several hours the sun shines, strong may be the gomolyfelhő-formation, and sporadically expected showers, thunderstorms, and occasional downpour. On Friday, the western part of the country at first even stronger northwest winds on Saturday, winds gain only a thunderstorm environment.

The lowest night temperature of 16 and 22 degrees between.

The highest daytime temperature on Saturday 31 and 36 degrees expected.

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