Everteam, 25 successful years : the dematerialization of the paper to the governance of the information…

Everteam, software editor, content management and governance of the information present on 5 continents, experiencing a success that cannot be denied since its creation, there is a little more than 25 years. At the origin of this success story, a visionary idea in the early 90’s : the transition to digital. Today recognized as a global leader by leading analyst firms, the French company continues its ascent, both on the level of innovation around Big Data technologies / Analytics, and development to the international.

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The Scanner to the ECM
Let’s go back a few years back. The Internet does not exist, the mobile are the size of a suitcase and, with respect to our ecosystem, the management of the archives evokes endless shelves dusty.

Originally, the electronic management corresponded only to the electronic storage of paper documents, in order to relieve pressure on the enterprises, but also enable a better classification and a longer sustainability to the documents concerned. Today, the GED is on a larger perimeter, and allows you to structure and manage all documents and data of a company. The definition is wider and covers all of the techniques which allow you to manage flows of materials entering, leaving or circulating within the company as well as the content on the social networks and the web, outside of the company. These computer techniques are for the purpose of dematerialisation of documents to manage, index, store, search, consult, process and transmit digital content from all origins. A program that is loaded !

It is in the 80s that the experts begin to speak of the GOL, with the creation of specific software. “I have amazing memories of that time, which is not so long ago, with the appearance of the first standards document management. The transition to digital is corresponded to the scanning in order to a proper classification of digital documents. Thanks to the evolution of search technologies, artificial intelligence, and technical standards and legal, we have moved from a simple storage to the real information governance. ”

A unicorn before the time
Today, numerical solutions to Everteam are represented worldwide with offices in the United States, Lebanon, France, Singapore and India. They are available in a dozen languages, at the service of customers spread across all five continents, and counts among its customers large accounts such as Bouygues Construction, Safran, Singapore Airlines, Dubai e-Government, the Argus of the press, Sky News, British Telecom, Orbitz, FAO (United Nations), ….

The company continues its development with the acquisition in 2016, a software vendor specialized american in the management of business processes and with the prospect of widening the network of partners in 2017 in order to concentrate more on its core business, the innovation, and offer even more services to its clients, both on site and in the Cloud.

Everteam has always positioned innovation as a central element of its strategy. This is notably reflected by the creation of a research laboratory dedicated to innovation and has been able to design solutions that will revolutionize the development and governance of the information. In this respect, the company has received the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research as a research organization. In 2017, Everteam continues on its momentum and start the year with the signing of a major contract with Florida Blue, a large insurance company in the United States, Foxtel, the largest pay-tv operator in Australia or even BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, one of the european leaders in the field of financing solutions.

Béchara WAKIM, a visionary entrepreneur passionate about

After several years in teaching and research at several universities in Europe and the Middle East, Béchara WAKIM founded in 1982, its first software company in publishing solutions to the market support the investment decision.

He then became a principal shareholder and managing director of one of the leading companies in software publishing and management of documents, which he left to engage in an activity of mergers and acquisitions during 4 years, until the creation of Everteam, of which he is the President and Chief Executive officer since 1992.

Bechara holds a phd in applied mathematics and computer science.

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About Everteam :
Everteam is a editor software for content management and information governance. Recognized as a global leader by leading analyst firms, Everteam continually innovates to offer its customers simple solutions to build, secure and enhance the corporate information assets of the enterprise, while reducing costs and risks. Among its customers, Bouygues Construction (a global player in construction and services), Safran (international high-technology group), NHS (national health service) in the United Kingdom, the Army of the United Arab Emirates and Singapore Airlines, as well as hundreds of the world’s leading companies in their sector.

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