EUR/USD: The Euro mark a new low annual against the Dollar

© Reuters. The Euro brand new hollow annual

The EUR/USD pair comes to mark a new low in annual 1.1106 against 1.1109 for the previous April 26.

The series of european statistics are disappointing released this morning has played some role in the weakness of the Euro has demonstrated throughout the day.

The minutes of the ECB, which have highlighted a confidence weakened, and to increasing concerns on the part of the Central Bank are also part of the factors which have encouraged the decline of the Euro this Thursday.

The rebound in the Dollar, as we can see, on the Dollar, has also played a mechanical role in the fall of the EUR/USD.

It should be noted that the technical factors allow to anticipate the fall of the Euro-Dollar, with a tendency very clearly in downtrend since 13 May.

Now, some graphical materials can be identified before the psychological threshold key 1.10, but it is possible that the pair is hesitating around 1.11 before continuing its decline.

The increase, 1.1150 is the first serious resistance, before 1.1175-85 and 1.12 in a first time.

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