EUCLID, the prime actor in the financing of REITS, dedicated 100% to professionals in the heritage

On the 26th of June next, EUCLID will be present for the 3rd consecutive year, the Foundation Stone Paper and real estate investment, the essential rendez-vous of heritage professionals who will have the opportunity to meet all the partners specialized in the sale of REITS and to attend different conferences and workshops.

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Euclid, single broker present at the Sitting, is dedicated 100% to the professionals of the heritage. Euclid is part of a close relationship with IFAS and the actors, seeking permanent solutions, innovative financing, disruptive ideas and the standards of the market.

Optimize the acquisition of units of REITS will be the theme developed at the show, a force for Euclid. In effect, the strategy adopted and the mode of financing chosen directly affects the profitability of the operation.

“In addition to being a sole intermediary in the architecture of debt, we are constantly striving to find innovative solutions that meet the needs of IFAS and their clients,” says Serge Harroch, founder of Euclid

In its approach to improved management of funding, Euclid displays a perfect knowledge of the trade management global wealth and liabilities. To this end, the company advises and supports the advisors in wealth management and their clients in the sense of a use of credit and the management of the debt as fast and effective tool to aid in the development of the heritage.

The vision of Euclid : define a real strategy for the allocation of the purchasing power of the customers in time, to provide them with a clear vision of their future.

“The credit provides investors with an additional purchasing power, it is however necessary to analyze and structure, in a logic of optimisation of the assets solutions available,” says Serge Harroch.

About the company :

The belief of Euclid

The credit is a savings to the upside : this is the only way to acquire a property without having the consideration of liquidity. The debt is a true investment opportunity. It is also the only way for the PMC to quickly develop the heritage of his client.

69 % of advisors in the wealth management independent dream of a bank dedicated to their needs (study AXA, December 2014).

They dream mostly of a partner who is able to understand their needs and those of their customers, and translate them into financing solutions acceptable to our banking partners, ” adds serge Harroch

The business of Euclid
To accompany the PMB on the ground, in the analysis, management and structuring past, present and future of the investment capacity of its customer to serve, and to optimize the growth of its assets.

The mission of Euclid
Define a real strategy for the allocation of its purchasing power over time.
Put in place an asset-based approach as an innovative credit and the different modes of financing.

The ambition of Euclid
Become THE access point optimized all the modes of financing necessary for the proper exercise of the profession of GPS. A real interface between the world heritage and the world bank.

EUCLID in a few figures :

· Creation in 2010 by Serge Harroch
· 8 employees
· 350 M€ of credits generated
· 900 IFAS trained between 2014 and 2017
· ISO 9001 certification (version 2015)

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