EU27 want to be ready to start Brexit-fas2 in december.

EU27 want to be ready in december in order to be able to immediately start negotiations on the future relationship with the united kingdom – the talks in phase a then has reached far enough.

It said the EU sources, the News agency Directly on Friday.

The EU summit of the 27 remaining EU countries 20 October, to conclude that the brexitförhandlingarna if phase one – the conditions for the exit – not made ”sufficient progress”.

Thus, phase two does not start. The EU summit on 14-15 december is the next checkpoint.

”At its next session in december, the European council (EU summit) to assess the state of play in the negotiations in order to determine whether sufficient progress has been achieved”, was the draft of the summit conclusions, as the News agency Directly.

If this is the case will the december summit to adopt the new guidelines for the negotiations on the future of the relationship and any period of grace, continued the draft.

”In order to be fully ready for such a scenario, the European council invites the council (of EU ministers in this case), together with the EU negotiators, start the internal preparatory discussions”, was the draft.

On the other hand, also in the future, no negotiations be held with Britain on the future of the relationship.

Still, the EU27’s preparations for phase two can be seen as an encouragement to the Uk, said EU sources.

The EU27’s preparation, together with the EUROPEAN commission, will take place within existing working groups for brexit.

Preparations for a possible transition period is expected to be easier because it virtually means that the current arrangement with the internal market and the customs union continue, said EU sources.

Preparing for the future the relationship will be more difficult because the uk government has not been clear what kind of relationship they aspire, said EU sources.

The draft conclusions, went through the three main areas of the negotiations in phase one.

The draft welcomed the ”progress” in the citizens ‘ rights. Legal security is needed for all citizens and their families will be able to exercise their rights.

”Some progress” has been made in Ireland towards agreeing on principles. A settlement should avoid a hard limit on northern Ireland. EU27 expect that the british presents flexible and inventive solutions, according to the draft.

As regards the financial settlement, took note of the draft that the united kingdom has promised to stand up for their financial commitments. But this has not yet translated into concrete commitments to solve any and all liabilities, solder the draft.

The fifth round of negotiations ended on Thursday. Yet no new rounds of negotiations are planned until december.

EU sources said to the News agency Directly to two-three rounds are likely. Secondly, it takes time to prepare a round and on the other hand, the negotiators have something new to talk about.

During the week that went lasted no realförhandlingar on the financial settlement, since the british side could not describe what commitments it is prepared to stand for, ” said an EU source.

The eu-27 summit on 20 October will also briefly take up the relocation of the two EU-authorities that now are in London, the European banking authority (EBA) and the European medicines agency (EMA).

The great political discussion and the decisions taken by EU ministers. But bilateral lobbying for his candidacy and confidential bargaining is expected to last, at all levels, including at the prime ministerial level.

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