Espionage : “A grain of rice in the world trade “

It is a square the size of a small grain of rice, that could well derail the whole global trade. Thursday, October 4, the magazine Bloomberg Businessweek published a great survey that has been excavated on a case of espionage that dates back more than four years, but which no one had heard of. According to the newspaper, which is based on 17 different sources, some tiny chips pirates have been discovered on the e-cards delivered including Amazon and Apple. The investigation is escalated to sub-contractors of chinese and would imply a unit of the army specialized in the piracy of material.

The case is obviously not unique, and the security services of the world keep track of this new method of espionage, which refreshes the installation of microphones in the enemy’s in the radius of pranks and practical jokes for middle school students. Here, are the millions of computers that could potentially be affected by this type of devices dormant. Their role is very likely to enable, the D-day, to open the electronic gates of computers infected for an attack or mass surveillance. As a ” Bureau of the legends “, this service of the French counter-espionage at the origin of a successful tv series, at the time of the cyberworld.

The novelty, here, comes, therefore, not the case itself, but its unveiling. Most of the time, the secret services to wash their dirty linen in family. Do sometimes arise that decisions politico-economic spectacular, such as the banishment of the United States of chinese phones Huawei and ZTE.

A pact faustian

This latest case is worrying, because it touches the very heart of the industrial machinery of an entire sector. The phenomenal rise, in the last thirty years, computer and electronics u.s. is entirely based on the alliance of the engineering american with the power to strike chinese industrial. First with Taiwan, and then…

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