Ericsson and Telia first with 5G live in Europe.

Ericsson, Telia, Intel has put up the first public användarfallen with 5G ”live” in Europe.

The companies call it a ”major milestone” in the 5G, and for Telia, it is a step on the way towards the goal of being the first to launch 5G in Europe.

It writes the three companies in a joint press release.

“We want to be early with 5G services and we want to bring it to life in Stockholm, Tallinn and Helsinki in 2018″, says Telia’s head of Networks Gabriela Styf Sjöman, according to the press release.

Already in the beginning of 2016, launched the Ericsson and Telia a strategic collaboration with the aim to provide customers in Stockholm, sweden and Tallinn docks, with the opportunity to experience 5G services in 2018.

In september, the companies conducted live tests by setting up a ”high-speed 5G-port connection” for a commercial passenger ships of Tallink, when it was in port.

The other 5G-användarfallet, which was more targeted towards industrial users, as was demonstrated by an excavator that could be controlled remotely with the 5G network.

Exactly when , in 2018, as the 5G-services should be available, Telia does not answer, however, according to Kirke Saar, technical manager at Telia, Estonia, more and more uses will be taken into use gradually, in 2018.

”Actually we have commercial users in these användarfallen we have now, where we have testing equipment”, said by Arvinger, Ericsson’s director over the division of northern and central Europe, at a conference call.

Telia, Ericsson and Intel stressed that at the cooperation between the companies is necessary in order to test the technology and find uses for 5G.

Ericsson’s Per Arvinger stated that the company now has 36 letters of intent with telecom operators around the 5G. In February, in connection with the telekommässan MWC in Barcelona, said Ericsson’s ceo Börje Ekholm that the company had over 30 letters of intent with operators in 5G.

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