Equality in perspective

Book. ” At the current rate, it will take more than a century and a half at the global level before the wage gap between women and men disappear. “This distant perspective described by Christophe Falcoz, associate professor at the IAE Lyon, has not discouraged to engage in the study of “substantive equality” between women and men at work.

His manual The Equality of women and men at work analyzes separately the concepts of parity, gender balance and equality to assist companies in establishing an accurate diagnosis, essential for effective progress towards a ” substantive equality “. How ? By redefining, for example, the classifications, the grids of competences and scales of promotion.

Christophe Falcoz, France is today ” in midstream “, with the wage gap that resolve, but slowly, and especially women, who are concentrated in a small number of trades. Thus, ” only 19 trades on 86 are mixed “. The observation of the practices of the companies shows in what confusion, often deliberately maintained, between diversity and equality can be a source of perverse effects.

“A work of equal value, equal pay in 1972

His book reminds us that, hitherto, has been able to move towards equality, namely the legislative developments. At the end of the second world war, stopped Parodi (1945) have thus removed the reference to the salary of the feminine, and then the act of 1972 introduced the principle of ” work of equal value, equal pay “.

Finally, more recently the law Copé-Zimmerman introduced the quota for women in boards of directors. But wage differentials remain significant and increase with age and responsibilities.

The director of science research management, grants an important place to the role of resource managers…

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