EON motors group : recovery rating title emg 05 June 2017

Last January 24, the board of directors of the company has requested the suspension of the quotation of the title EMG for reasons corporate could materially affect the price of the security.

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This application has been motivated by the desire of the council to preserve the interests of minority shareholders due to discussions with an investor and industrial partner.

The company is in advanced contact with the investor since September of 2016 and negotiations are still in progress.

Pending the outcome of the negotiations, which is expected, the reference shareholder (82% of the capital) granted a credit line of 1 million euros for the group to continue the development of ongoing projects.

The conditions are now met, for the board of directors shall request Euronext to resume the quotation of the title from :

Monday, 5 June 2017

An ordinary general assembly was held last may 24 at Malijai, at the headquarters of the company.

The assembly of shareholders adopted all resolutions proposed by the board of directors, whose resolution to be cleared by debiting the item ” Premium Issuance “, the loss of the fiscal year increased by the carried forward negative previous for a amount of 296.228,79 euros. The balance of the carry forward amounts to 0 euro, and the issuance premium to 779.491,21 euros. The share capital remains unchanged.

The minutes of the AGM has been posted on the site marchelibre.com as all the documentation, corporate.

Eon Motors* pursuing the development of its all-new vehicle Weez*, based on the multimodal platform Evolution with 4 wheel motors of 3 kW, a battery pack 11.5 kWh and an onboard electronic system developed in-house.

Weez* will be available in 3 versions, light quadricycles and heavy, L6e-BP 2-seat 45 km/h, L7e CU (version utility 2 seater) 90 km/h and L7e CP 4 places 90 km/h for an autonomy of 100 km. With an on-board charger, Weez* will be rechargeable at a kiosk or on a simple household outlet.

Weez* is dedicated to urban mobility, peri-urban and near plug in at a kiosk, or a simple power outlet and is designed to eco-friendly citizens from 14 years (L6e permit AM) and 16 years (L7e licence B1) and businesses (fleets in its own site) as well as to local authorities.

The presentation of Weez* will take place at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2017.

For more information on EON MOTORS GROUP SA :
Phone : +33 (0)492 318 368
E-mail : investisseurs@eon-motors.com
Web : http://www.eon-motors.com
ISIN : FR0011612837
Mnemo : MLEMG

* Eon Motors, Weez are trademarks or registered Trademarks property of Eon Motors France sas, filia

EON MOTORS GROUP SA with capital of 3.165.837,50 euros, Siret 519 453 807 00041
Building 1 Ecopark– Park Activities of the Priory – 04350 MALIJAI, France.
Phone : +33 (0)492 318 368 Fax : +33 (0)484 801 030 e-Mail : contact@eon-motors.com

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