Energy : “It is now technically possible to store the summer heat in the ground for the return of the winter “

[The preference of the French for nuclear power is at the heart of the public debate that took place until 30 June on the “multi-annual programming of energy” (EPP).]

Forum. Obsessed as we are by the exhaust gases of our cars, we almost forgot that in France, the building engulfs to him only 45 % of the energy consumed and is responsible for 27 % of greenhouse gas emissions, with a large part due to the heating and air conditioning. The solutions so far devised merely to act on the building envelope, so that it is now technically possible to store summer heat into the ground for the return of the winter, in particular thanks to the artificial intelligence.

To succeed in the décarbonation buildings, it is of course necessary to promote the construction of buildings thermally virtuous, but also limit the emission of greenhouse gases associated with their energy consumption.

Out of the doxa

The first and, unfortunately, all too often the only method used in design, as well as in the renovation of buildings is the insulation of the envelope. For years, the government is encouraging the use of processes, materials and technologies aimed to isolate the building by deploying an arsenal of norms, tax benefits and other subsidies.

In this context, the development of renewable energies (ENR) is a historic opportunity, provided bearing their intermittency with storage solutions that fit must be a little carbon intensive.

But policies and building professionals forget that there is another lever action with the décarbonation of the production of heat or cold. An effective lever both from a economic point of view, as well as environmental, which requires the implementation of energy systems, the more carbon-free as possible, which will consume a little energy polluting, which…

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