Employment : more and more managers in interim

There is a paradox to manage the human resources of a company and chain yourself to the missions in the interim. Sarah (she prefers to remain anonymous) knows something. Installed in the toulouse area, she works for a large group of aeronautics. “We clearly told me that the majority of the managers recruited in the company passed by the interim and that, if everything went well, I would be recruited. “Five years later, the thirty-year-old is still waiting. “When CDI come crying in my office, I do what I can. It is the world upside down “, quips she.

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Acting : “there is almost no new hires in CDI ”

The young woman may, for lack of a better, is welcome to belong to a professional category in full bloom, those of the frames in the interim. They make up only 12 % of the cohort of temporary workers, but their number is growing faster than the industry average. This last has been known, in 2017, a record year : 9.2% of the growth of ” full time equivalents “, that is, about 630 000 people in activity, according to the estimates of the professional organization Prism’employment. Workers of industry, construction and logistics still form the overwhelming majority of troops. But the executives, about 40 000, are 12.5 per cent more numerous than in the past year.

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