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The advanced capabilities of Analytics and the integration of cross-channel driving the adoption of solutions RTIM.

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Paris, June 20, 2017 – Emarsys, a global specialist in solutions for digital marketing in the cloud, announced that he appeared for the first time in the report recently published: The Forrester Wave:™ Real-Time Interaction Management, Q2 2017. Cited as a ‘Strong Performer’, Forrester includes Emarsys among the vendors offering competitive solutions. Forrester cites Emarsys as offering a solution RTIM easy-to-use at an attractive price, with a user interface marketer friendly’. The research firm independent also recognises that the development of Emarsys ‘gaining ground’ and that the world-leading provider of solutions marketing cloud leverages its investments in order to integrate an artificial intelligence as a serious and tangible’.

In the course of the last year, Emarsys has gained increased recognition as a leading supplier to law firms of independent research such as Forrester. For example, the company is listed in another report by Forrester: ‘I Must Master the Basics Before It Can Transform Marketing’, which provides guidance on how to measure the true potential of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing, and The Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management Wave, 2nd quarter of 2016.

“Emarsys provides a solution, RTIM easy-to-use at an attractive price. Emarsys has increased steadily in its installed base in the retail sector and also markets its solution in B2C Marketing Cloud in the sectors of hospitality, leisure and entertainment. He took advantage of the investment made by TPG and Vector Capital to integrate what he calls “an artificial intelligence tangible and without a bluff” to address the management of customer interactions in real-time via its user interface marketer friendly,” wrote Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst Serving B2C Marketing Professionals at Forrester and author of the RTIM Wave. “Its initiatives are gaining ground on the market, but we have contacted the customer references that are currently using Emarsys for targeted email campaigns and sending messages to target the external and not the treatment of interactions initiated by the customers themselves. These customers are planning to introduce more experiences in real time, such as a new application of loyalty on mobile and offers based on proximity.”

“As we continue our accelerated growth, we believe that the inclusion in reports and studies, such as the RTIM Wave, is a recognition of our value to our customers, the quality of the work of our 700 employees, and the growing success of Emarsys in the global markets,” says Allen Nance, CMO at Emarsys. “It is gatifiant that Forrester identifies us as a powerful actor, and to recognize our user interface ‘marketer friendly’ and our capabilities in artificial intelligence are tangible and without a bluff. As a greater marketing platform owned by private actors in the world, we combine these strengths with our experience, our world-class team and our platform is completely controlled, to redefine both the way in which marketers are able to work, and the panorama of our market.”

Emarsys think that the management of the interactions a customer in real time is going to depend on more and more marketing solutions based on artificial intelligence that are tangible, that can enable true personalization of messages on a large scale to target very large consumers. This is in line with the recommendations of Forrester in its recent report on the artificial intelligence, which advises ‘to join the artificial intelligence for efficiency, and retain it for the performance’. The report continues, pointing out that many times in the past, new trends have made their entry and have left the scene when arrived technology the following year. But the artificial intelligence is more than a simple marketing technology without a future. Unlike innovations that make the classic mistake of undertaking to replace the existing technologies, it is complementary to skills, processes, and technology investments for marketers.

What is the Forrester RTIM Wave?
Forrester defines the market RTIM as ‘the marketing technology company who deliver experiences, a value and a usefulness contextually relevant at the appropriate time in the cycle of life of the consumer through the best point of contact.’ The report evaluated twelve vendors on the basis of 32 criteria, which offers current product, strategy and market presence.

To be included in the Forrester Wave for the market RTIM, suppliers must :

· Provide features that meet the 5 primary needs of the market RTIM: customer recognition (identification, cross-channel, contextual understanding, arbitration, decision-making, orchestration of the offer (delivery to a cross-channel), and measurement and optimization.

· Integrating customer data, building advanced analytics, and multiple types of content (dynamic, interactive, multimedia and advertising) to make customer experiences relevant to their context through a range of digital channels and off-line.

· Make at least $50 million in revenues per year by responding to the needs RTIM of corporate clients targeting consumer markets in multiple regions of the world and industry verticals.

About Emarsys
Emarsys is a leading global provider of marketing software in the cloud for B2C business and the first cloud-based B2C marketing. Emarsys provides useful data to companies that target their customers by combining the “machine learning” and data science to something truly personalized and multi-channel to better reach customers while maximizing engagement and outcomes. With over 500 employees in 16 offices around the world, Emarsys serves more than 1,500 customers in 140 countries. Every month, Emarsys send over seven billion messages, enabling its customers to increase their sales and their return on investment. To learn more about the innovative solutions Emarsys, click here.

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