Elon Musk merges advertising and science

Carte blanche. Elon Musk, the industrial media world, the founder of PayPal, Tesla, SolarCity, Hyperloop, The Boring Company Neuralink and SpaceX, is the subject of an impressive cult of personality. It must be said that he has already shaken seven industries : payment, automobile, energy, space, railway, public works and education. Thanks to his aura, it enjoys a massive media exposure for free. On 6 February, the whole world’s media relayed the images of his Tesla Roadster red spinning magically to the asteroid belt to the tune of the song Space Oddity by David Bowie. These images, which recall the aesthetics of the film by Jean-Jacques Beneix The Moon in the gutter, represent a gift of at least $ 10 billion in the purchase of space. At the same time, the old car manufacturers spend billions of dollars to broadcast their advertisements on television channels that only senior citizens will.

The cult dedicated to Musk by geeks it can also have a significant capital contributed by investors subjugated who dream to meet their idol and accept valuations indecent. The flamboyant communication strategy of Musk, he can also be forgiven for its delays industrial : Falcon Heavy was expected in 2013 and the Tesla model 3 is produced at a snail’s pace, contrary to the original commitments. Thanks to the boundless confidence of the geeks, Musk can fund long-term projects, even the craziest. His ideas have always been considered a priori inapplicable : SpaceX was mocked by the world of space, Tesla is doomed to failure according to the manufacturers, and the national education believes that he is still protected in the face Neuralink to increase our brain capabilities using tiny electronic components interleaved between our 86 billion neurons.


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