Electrolux, autopsy of an incredible mess industrial

The oddest thing is the silence. “You see, it pushes the door of the workshop, and we hear nothing, then there’s still a few months, the press would cut 200 or 300 parts per minute, and that he had to wear ear plugs,” says Thierry Thelinge, the delegate CFE-CGC, crossing the immense local deserts. Nine major buildings spread over five acres at the edge of the river Meuse. In ten days, the plant in Revin (Ardennes) who was the gem French of Arthur Martin and Electrolux is at a complete stop, and the staff asked to stay home. Even as two production lines, the brand new come to be installed, the site may never come out of his sleep.

The worst is not certain. A breton industrialist, Delta Dore, has the applicant applied for the resumption of one of the two lines. Still it is necessary that he confirm his offer at the hearing of the court of commerce scheduled for 4 April. This requires that an agreement be negotiated by then with Electrolux, the owner of the machines concerned. “The week that opens is critical to an industrial activity remains on-site “, explains Christophe Giboni, the director of the factory.

But even if the negotiations are successful, Delta Dore will resume in the best 24 employees on the 181 enrolled in the workforce. Almost nothing, in the eyes of the 1,000 people who worked here, there is only ten years old. “The time of my father, the factory employed the same 3 700 people, says Jean-Pierre Villeret, a worker. We, the children, we came for the Christmas tree, and it was all in colo Arthur Martin. “

Offshore Production in Poland

How did it come to such a mess ? What is the reason for a factory, fully modernised in the last two years is preparing it from the case ? A Revin, each seeks to understand this curious story, symbolic of the de-industrialisation that continues in France, despite the efforts…

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