Electric car, the lurches of the model Tesla

“In the next. This is boring. The stupid questions are not cool. “On Wednesday, may 2, Elon Musk has pushed the investors of Wall Street. In the wake of the publication of the quarterly results, Tesla, the boss of the american manufacturer of electric vehicles has refused to respond to the questions of both analysts. “The questions arid” who have ” completed “, has he lamented, before conversing for about twenty minutes with a YouTubeur who had detained him on Twitter. In Exchange, the penalty is not made to wait : the action of the group lost more than 5 % on Thursday.

The episode is not so surprising in the light of the personality of Mr. Musk, well known for its mood capricante. It occurs, however, while Tesla is facing significant setbacks in industrial fuelling doubts about its ability to keep its promises ambitious. “The next three months will be the most decisive period for the company since the launch of the Model S [his first model produced on a large scale] six years ago,” stresses Adam Jones, analyst of the investment bank Morgan Stanley.

There are less than a year, at the end of July 2017, the euphoria was yet. Tesla had to deliver the first copies of the Model 3, its new mid-size entry-level range, sold from $ 35 000 (29 000 euros), two times less than the Model S. This would allow it to boost its sales and to justify its very heavy investment. In September, the share price reached its highest historical level and the market capitalization amounted to $ 67 billion – more than General Motors and Ford, the two giants of Detroit (Michigan).

Since then, Tesla has not achieved its objectives of production. Initially, the company targeted a rate of 5 000 Model 3 a week before the end of 2017. A deadline subsequently extended to march 2018,…

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