Elanders AB: Press and analyst conference Q2 2017

In connection with the publication of the interim report for the second quarter of 2017 keeps Elanders a press and analyst conference, 13 July 2017, there is 09:00, with president and ceo Magnus Nilsson and cfo Andréas Wikner.


We invite fund managers, analysts and the media to participate in the teleconference. See the below telephone number to participate in the conference:


Sweden: +46 (0)8 5065 3942

Germany: +49 (0)69 2222 2018

Uk: +44 (0)330 336 9411

USA: +1 719-457-1036


Code: 9972553



08:50 conference issue opens

09:00 Review of the interim report

09:20 question and answer session

10:00 Conclusion


During the telephone conference a presentation will be held. To access this presentation, please click on the following link:





For more information, please contact

Magnus Nilsson, president and ceo, telephone: 031-750 07 50

Andréas Wikner, cfo, telephone: 031-750 07 50

2017-06-29 Elanders Q2 2017, the press – and analyst conference

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