“Education reform should not be a victim of the negotiations between the social partners “

Forum. The need for a reform of the vocational training no longer. Still need to know how to get it. The reform promised by the president of the Republic is presented as one of the axes of the government’s strategy. This is an originality that contrasts with the words agreed on by all his predecessors since the 1980s. It must end with praise on the virtues of vocational training, followed by reforms in homeopathic doses and not evaluated.

The president of the Republic has clearly taken the measure of the skills shortage that is hampering the French economy. The government wants to, for the next five years, spending 15 billion euros to the training of those who have difficulties to access to employment, including job-seekers, long-term and youth who are neither in school nor in employment, nor in learning.

But let’s be pragmatic. To hope to multiply the training activities, it is necessary first to ensure the proper use of the money collected from businesses. To do this, the president of the Republic has supported the idea, defended by the Federation of vocational training (FFP), to decrease the number of intermediaries. This evolution must be accompanied by additional adjustments to ease the reconciliation between the supply and demand of training. In this respect, it would no longer be satisfied to establish the lists of diplomas. Management by quality assessment must be implemented.

This evaluation should be conducted by an independent agency and based on feedbacks from the users, businesses, and individuals, be they employees or applicants for employment. The quality is measured by the success rate and placement of individuals. But they must also be better supported in research training. It is imperative to help the applicants…

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