EDF brings a complaint for defamation against the UFC-que choisir

EDF announced on Wednesday a complaint for defamation against UFC-que choisir after the publication of a study of the association of defence of consumers last month denouncing an under-utilization of the nuclear fleet.

In this study, published on 5 April, UFC-que choisir said that the near-monopoly of the group in the production of electricity in France led by an under-use of its nuclear plants with the result in an extra cost of € 2.4 billion for individuals between 2012 and 2016. EDF, which says “formally contest” the charges, has filed a complaint against the association Monday, with constitution of a civil party with the tribunal de grande instance of Paris.

“Any tangible item”

“The UFC-That Choose not to based his claims on any tangible item, based only on flawed economic arguments that do not take into account the reality of the wholesale market, european market interconnected based on the meeting of supply and demand,” said EDF in a press release.

“EDF is under the constant supervision of the energy regulator, the Commission for energy regulation, which annually publishes its report on the functioning of the markets for wholesale electricity, CO2 and natural gas”, added the press release.

(With Reuters)

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