Easyjet becomes (part of) austrian to work around the Brexit

To continue to operate as it does today in the european sky, and, without waiting for the outcome of the negotiation output of the United Kingdom of the european Union, Easyjet became part of austria. To ensure the continuation of its flights within europe or between the countries of the EU third countries (countries other than the United Kingdom), the low-cost airline in the uk has announced on Friday its intention to create a new airline, EasyJet, Europe, who will be based in Vienna and will allow the british company to continue to fly unhindered into Europe after the Brexit.

Single market of the european air transport

In effect, with the output end of the United Kingdom of the EU, british companies are at risk of losing access to the single market of the european air transport that allows for the last twenty years companies originating in a member country of the EU to ensure air services anywhere in the european Union. And this in an unlimited way. Unless you have an exemption as has been in particular obtained Norway, and Switzerland, the british companies are threatened to be excluded from this common space. In which case they could not do that flights between the Uk and the rest of the EU, but more between any of the countries of the EU or inside EU countries (Paris-Toulouse for example). A disaster for a company’s pan-european success depends on this access to the single market

Green light in the near future

Easyjet said that it had requested “earlier this year,” the austrian authorities a certificate of air transport (AOC) and a license as an air carrier. Depending on the direction the negotiations are well advanced and the company hopes a green light in the ” near future “. By choosing Austria, Easyjet will not be able to be accused of having chosen a country with low labour cost or the low tax levies. EasyJet today has almost 100 aircraft based and employs approximately 4 000 people in 6 countries of the european Union, which will form the basis of EasyJet Europe.

The Easyjet current, based at London Luton, will keep the connection lines between the United Kingdom and the european Union or of non-european countries. It will operate 140 aircraft. As a reminder, Easyjet has also another airline, Easyjet, based in Switzerland. These three companies will be subsidiaries of Easyjet plc, is listed on the London stock exchange and based in the United Kingdom.

The company, which has not provided schedule, stressed that none of its 6,000 jobs in the Uk would not be transferred to Austria.

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