Dyson launches its new vacuum cleaner revolutionary, and prepares an electric vehicle

James Dyson is a genius. His talent as an innovator and a taste for risk are this English a unique personality, like Elon Musk. Also, like the boss of Tesla, the inventor of the vacuum cleaner without a bag is working on an electric vehicle for the year 2020. Last week, his group announced the creation of an ultra-modern building on the airfield of Hullavington in England to install the 400 engineers who work on this project more than 2 billion euros. They will soon be joined by 300 others. The family business has the means : last year, its sales rose 40%, to 4 billion euros for an operating profit of 905 million.

Of passage in Paris, Tuesday, march 6, her son Jake, 45 years, who shares with his father the title of engineer-in-chief, has confirmed the group’s ambitions with the launch of a new vacuum cleaner-broom wireless, the V10. The last born of the range weighs less than 3 pounds and has a battery life of one hour. “This is such progress that we decided to stop the vacuum cleaners sledding”, he announced during a show at the Elysee Montmartre, a concert hall in paris. This concentrate of technology, with its lithium battery and his engine digital V10 developed in-house, is used to the diversification in the automobile of the future. “Her engine is running as 2,000 times per second, which makes the engine the fastest ever marketed by Dyson, emphasizes its teams. He is intelligent, able to regulate themselves according to altitude, temperature or humidity”.

Innovation is at the heart of the success of the Dyson. In France, the brand dominates the market of vacuum cleaners-brooms wireless market with a market share close to 60 %, despite a sale price higher than 500 euros. “To keep ahead of the game, we’re reinventing ourselves and are pushing our limits constantly,” says its founder. The jewel in the crown british, which employs 4.450 engineers and scientists, spends each week 8 million pounds in R&D, or 470 million for the year 2018. It has installed technology centres in England, but also in China and Singapore, where the CEO of Dyson, Jim Rowan, is also installed. And, everywhere in the world, shopping demo open on the most beautiful routes such as Oxford Street in London, and recently the 5th avenue in New York. For Paris, it will have to wait for 2019, where an implementation project is in the study.

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