Donfeng does not purchase all or part of Fiat Chrysler

Despite the rumors, Dongfeng Motor Group does not attempt a takeover of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The chinese manufacturer has no plans to buy all or part of its Italian competitor “at the moment”, said on Thursday to Reuters, a spokesman for Dongfeng, based in Wuhan, a city housing the headquarters of the manufacturer..

The latter replied by e-mail to the question of whether Dongfeng Motor is interested by the purchase of the entire FCA, for Fiat only or Chrysler-only or a brand or a technology in which FCA owns.

Several chinese manufacturers would be candidates for repurchase of FCA

Dongfeng Motor is one of the chinese manufacturers mentioned by the american website Automotive News, which reported Monday that officials of a “chinese automobile manufacturer well-known” had submitted a bid to FCA this month, and as other potential candidates chinese were interested.

The other manufacturers cited by Automotive News are Great Wall Motors, Zhejiang Geel Holding Group and Guangzhou Automobile Group. Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd said Wednesday that he didn’t want to make offers on FCA.

(with Reuters)

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