Donald Trump or the temptation of protectionism

The year 2018 will be that of protectionism in the united states ? The winter has started with a bang with the blocking, by the american authorities, the redemption of MoneyGram, specialist exchanges, fund secured, by Alibaba, a giant chinese e-commerce.

This acquisition would have served as a bridgehead to Alibaba in the u.s. market and would have helped him to compete with Amazon. The Committee on foreign investment in the United States (CFIUS) has argued for the protection of consumer data in the u.s. to refuse, Wednesday, 3 January, this investment of $ 1.2 billion (around 1 billion euros).

The concept of national security is now being used more and more extensive

This release is part of a series of refusals of acquisitions in china, that have occurred since the summer, and it has not been necessary for Mr. Trump to put his veto, the companies have waived for themselves. The buyout of the company of semi-conductors for military applications Lattice failed, just as the recovery of Aleris, a group of aluminum of Cleveland (Ohio). In each case, reasonable explanations can be advanced.

Nevertheless, the notion of national security is now being used more and more extensive. Especially, a bill introduced by the republican senator from Texas, John Cornyn, plans to extend formally the powers of CFIUS to review all the consequences of acquisitions, including on the economic level. The grip tightens so, while the president Trump will have to decide, in the course of the next few weeks, if it delivers or not the trade wars announced.

China in the sights

The first year of its mandate has been more temperate than were to expect his electoral promises. It has withdrawn its signature of the Treaty trans-pacific (TPP), of which Hillary Clinton did not want to, but he has renounced to impose duties of customs unilateral…

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