Donald Trump has reached an agreement on the chinese group ZTE

Donald Trump has flown to the rescue of the chinese manufacturer of phones. The us president has announced, Friday, may 25, to have found an agreement to settle the litigation on the group of chinese telecom ZTE. “I closed [the company], now, let’s reopen with important security guarantees, a change in the management and the board of directors, the obligation to purchase u.s. components and a fine of 1.3 billion dollars “, he tweeted.

Senator Schumer and the Obama Administration let phone company ZTE flourish with no security checks. I closed it down t…

— realDonaldTrump (@Donald J. Trump)

Mr. Trump has also decried, on Friday night, the economic policy of its predecessors who have ” left the company telecom ZTE prosper without security check “. He still castigated the democrats for their ” so-called trade agreements that are the laughing stock of the world ! “

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