Dolmen lance Dolmen One, the application that rethinks the dialogue between traders and consumers

While the “retail” seeks the path of its digital revolution, Dolmen, marketing platform, local client, lance Dolmen One, its mobile application at the destination for traders. Associated with a data collection device client from the mobile consumers, Dolmen, One lays the foundation for a customer marketing redesigned : personalized, responsible and local.

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Rennes, france-June 19, 2017 – Essential. Almost vital. In themselves these words portray the importance of customer knowledge and therefore of the access to personal data for the actors of the distribution.

“At A time when Amazon and other pure players have made the customer knowledge one of the fundamentals of their success, the traditional distributors – whether they are supermarkets or small traders cannot afford to trade in the old one. That is to say, impersonal, ” says David Godest, President and founder of Dolmen.

However, the point-of-sale is not a paradox almost. Although it remains the main crossing point for the consumer, the store is far from having the monopoly of the data.

“The current situation is kafkaienne. Just consider this : 95% of sales are still made in-store. So far, Google, Amazon or Facebook know me better than my trader to close ! For the future of the physical store, this cannot continue, ” says David Godest. “We must give him the means, technical and technological knowledge of our customers and communicate with them,” he adds.

Yes, but how ?

Dolmen One, for a targeted communication, responsible and local between merchants and consumers
To take out the distributors of the rut, Dolmen has developed Dolmen One, a mobile app the destination for traders. Associated with a data collection device client from the mobile consumers, Dolmen One allows merchants to communicate in a targeted, responsible and local directly from their smartphone.

“The targeting, the responsibility and the local are at the heart of Dolmen One,” says David Godest.

In concrete terms, thanks to Dolmen, One of the traders to communicate in real time and without intermediaries with their clients by targeting their messages from profile data (interests, frequency of visit, etc) or geolocation. The targeting data used are information provided voluntarily and knowingly by the consumer for the purpose of receiving relevant communications via devices, animation and collection of data on a smartphone.

“The trader now has a marketing tool client easy-to-use that allows you to send a targeted message in less than a minute. For example, a trade of mouth can do a promotion on a product whose life span is short and the broadcast in less than 1 minute by SMS to a target consumers of a relevant, illustrates David Godest.

In addition, in a logic responsible for, these communications are in compliance with the data and interests of consumers, thus meeting an important expectation of the latter. Consumers remain the sole owners of their data, and agree to communicate them to their local dealer in a logic of “win-win” of improving the customer relationship. The survey carried out by Opinion Way for Dolmen in November 2016 confirms that the French are much more receptive to communications from local and regional (68%) and national communications (26 %). 59% of them agree to be contacted by their local dealer.

“With the smartphone, consumers have changed their habits. Traders must do the same. There is an urgent need for local businesses to be aware of the turn made by the consumers towards the smartphones. It is now essential to be present on these media to communicate, build loyalty and attract. This is why we thought an easy to use tool, where the mobile is involved both in data collection and communication. It is the first marketing tool local client that fits in your pocket. 65% of French people think that this digital transition is a matter of survival,” concludes David Godest.

The application Dolmen One is currently available on iOS and will be on Android as of mid-July 2017.

Dolmen is a platform for local marketing that specialises in the collection of customer data in-store, its management and its valuation. The purpose of all these steps is to enable the physical points of sale to build close relationships lasting partnerships with their clients, in respect of the latter. Dolmen is convinced that a better knowledge of the people who frequent the shops is beneficial in all points of view : it allows the traders to increase their long-term business performance measurably and, in the process, creating domestic wealth (job creation, professionalization and employability of employees, etc.). Dolmen has a pragmatic approach to marketing that expresses itself through its knowledge of the field. His teams have demonstrated their ability to make the link between the local store and the central, national or regional. This articulation makes possible a more efficient use of market intelligence at the point-of-sale. The positive consequences are numerous for the local economy and the social bond. In fact, for Dolmen, the trade of proximity is to the very foundations of the city. This belief allows him to articulate the technology, the performance, the local and the national in favour of a trade that makes sense.

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