Divorce, chinese-american on Wall Street, before the offensive Trump

The case reminds the writer Stefan Zweig leaving his belgian friends at Ostend in the summer of 1914 to reach Vienna before the outbreak of the Great War. In New York too, the friends separate before the great confrontation with China. The sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corporation (CIC) has sold its entire stake in Blackstone, the investment firm of billionaire Stephen Schwarzman.

Of course, the Chinese, who had purchased 9 % of the fund in 2007, came out over the water, and their removal is not done in one day. However, the Chinese had even 5 % of Blackstone a year ago, and the break appears to be very political. Mr. Schwarzman advises its hours Donald Trump, the chinese involvement in this fund was politically inconvenient to Beijing, as his performance has never been mirobolante. This separation sounds like a failure. In 2013, Mr. Schwarzman had created a fund of $ 300 million (€244 million) for 200 students from around the world to go spend a year at the prestigious Tsinghua university of Beijing, history of facilitating intercultural exchanges. Its purpose, to prevent the prophecy of the work of Harvard professor Graham Allison, the inevitable war between China and the United States.

If the canon does ton not, the trade war, in any case, if ad. The divestment of the Blackstone is part of a general trend : in 2017, the chinese investment direct in the United States fell 35 % to $ 29 billion. But it was often the acquisitions announced in 2016 and the trend is the collapse : the announcements of new acquisitions have been divided by ten in the last year, falling to $ 8.7 billion, their lowest level in six years, according to the think tank Rhodium Group.

American counterattack

Two causes : the government of Xi Jinping, which monitors the flight of capital and of the billionaires…

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