Disney-Fox : Cinderella and her bosses

Bob Iger will he eventually retire ? The CEO of Disney had planned to go in 2015, then in 2016, 2018 and finally 2019. In march, at age 66, he assured, in the manner of Nicolas Sarkozy, that ” this time, [it was] serious “.

And crash ! Here’s the Wall Street Journal ensures that the patron, in the position for twelve years, could again postpone his departure if the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, confirmed. You do not leave easily the Cinderella castle. It must be said that it has been seriously renovated and enlarged, under the magisterium of Bob.

It has dramatically adjusted the main business of Disney : its plant characters. With the acquisitions of Pixar, the brilliant inventor of Toy Story, which has revitalized the branch history of the cartoons, and then Marvel, the studio of super-heroes, from Iron Man to Captain America, and finally to Lucas Film and its franchise of Star Wars, the group became the number one in the world of cinema.

Five billion dollars in 2017, seven billion in 2016 : Disney smashed all the records of the u.s. box office. Indispensable for the supply of fresh flesh from its theme parks and its activities are highly lucrative derivative products, as well as its television channels. Disney is the model of the integration of virtue in the leisure industry.

No wonder Rupert Murdoch is knocking at the door of the enchanted kingdom when you are considering to dispose of its activities, even if the competitors Comcast and Verizon make it eye sweet. It would be him who would have insisted that Bob Iger remain in post for a few more years in order to complete the integration of these two giants of the entertainment (entertainment).

All is not rosy with Mickey

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